• 19 Jan 2022
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Logic allows you to implement additional processing of tasks in one of the programming languages (JavaScript, Erlang).


Code editor

Here you can select programmimg language and enter a code.


Selection of the programmimg language:


Available JavaScript libraries.

Google V8 ver. 4.x is used

Task parameters in Javascript code denoted by "data." - data.variable_name.

For example, = '+1xxx'; creates or modifies value of the parameter phone to +1xxx

To turn off warnings when you use features of ES6 or later ( such as map (), filter () and other functions ), add option / * jshint esnext: true * / in the first line of your code:



Task parameters in Erlang code are created or modified with a help of specifying module with any name and one main function export.

For example, next code adds param parameter to the task

main(Data) -> [{<<"param">>, <<"Hello World!!!">>} | Data].

You can expand Code editor for easy operation:


Button Verify code checks code syntax.

Button Format code - formatting the code according to the standards of the selected programming language.



Alert when there is tasks queue

Critical amount of tasks in the node.

Detailed description of logic work.

Limit the time of the task in the node

Time value parameter at which task will go further in case if API code logic do not reply.

Detailed description of logic work.

Errors processing


Nodes, which are marked with grey square, are added automatically to process errors which appeared in Code logic work.

If the error appears process sends the task to a node with Condition logic and adds following parameters:

  1. __conveyor_code_return_type_error__ - error type
    - hardware - perform in-process error
    - software - error when calling the API
  2. __conveyor_code_return_type_tag__ - error code
  3. __conveyor_code_return_type_description__ - error description

Maximum execution time of one instance of the code is 5 seconds, after this time the user will get an error in the format described in p.1 with hardware value.

Error types

Timeout of custom code performing

Parameter_name Value
__conveyor_code_return_type_error hardware
__conveyor_code_return_type_tag__ code_timeout
__conveyor_code_return_description__ timeout for executing code

Error of user's code performing

Parameter_name Value
__conveyor_code_return_type_error software
__conveyor_code_return_type_tag__ code_executing_error
__conveyor_code_return_description__ error text

Incorrect format of user's code reply

parameter_name value
__conveyor_code_return_type_error software
__conveyor_code_return_type_tag__ code_return_format_error
__conveyor_code_return_description__ error_text